Graphic Design. Web. Visual Branding.

Hello. I'm Sheila and I'm a creative designer with an interest in web development.
  • Graphic Design

    Whether freehand illustrations or vectors, I can create graphic designs that suit your needs

  • Web

    From design to code, I can bring your presence online using the latest web techniques

  • Visual Branding

    Customer communication is key and I can visually express your brand to your audience

Selected Works

Below are my works that showcase my design abilities.
  • Solarius Concept

    Solarius Concept

    Web Design/Branding

    Solarius is a fictive company that provides installation and configuration of high quality solar power systems for homes, commercial, and government customers.

    Visual Branding

    Desktop Version

    Tablet Version

    Mobile Version

    Responsive Web Design

  • UI Elements

    UI Elements

    User Interface Design

    Closer Look

  • Retro Icons

    Flat Retro Icons

    Icon Design
  • GP2U


    Web and Logo Reesign

    Homepage Before

    Homepage After


  • Web Maintenance

    Web Fix

    Web Design

    Logo Design

    Homepage Design

  • Timber Industry

    Timber Wholesale

    Web and Logo Redesign

    Logo Before

    Logo After

    Homepage Before

    Homepage After

    Product Page


  • Design Studies

    Design Studies for Web Design & Principles Class

    Web Design

    Title: Razors 'n Cream

    Task: Come up with a shaving cream product and design its homepage in Transformers style.

    Title: Neptours (Flights to Neptune)

    Task: Come up with a brand for a service that is associated with the color blue. Create its logo and header without using the color blue and design its homepage in Lo-Fi Grunge style.

    Title: Orturtic Salon

    Task: Come up with three adjectives (ORganic, naTURal, futurisTIC) and mash it up to create a name for a fictitious product or service. Design the homepage in Gothic Organic style.

  • Design for the Spirit

    Design for the Spirit

    Illustration/Digital Art

    An older iteration of my portfolio homepage

  • Self Promotion


    Branding/Web Design

    Fully Responsive Website

About Me

Who am I and why do I do what I do?

I'm a creative designer based in Manila who's passionate about crafting digital goods that are intuitive and visually appealing. I also have a passion in illustration and incorporate it into my designs when needed. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts and my work is an extension of my creativity and interest in design. When I'm not infront of the computer creating pixel perfect designs and turning them into life, you'll often find me creating female beauty illustrations, playing with my cat Cayenne, or traveling.

List of Skills:

Web Design

User Interface Design

User Experience


Responsive Web

Graphic Design

Visual Branding


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